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Tremendous International Response to Photo Contest

The response to the Third Garuda Indonesia International Photo Contest (GIIPC) confirms that this is a perfect way for photographers to demonstrate their skills in portraying interesting events and beautiful objects from all corners of the world, to exchange information, and to share their experience in photography. This is evident from the enthusiasm of the participants in this year’s GIIPC.

The GIIPC employs a special concept: the finalists, chosen through online judging, are given the chance to go hunting for photos together in various destinations in Indonesia.

The theme of GIIPC 2009 is “My Eye on Indonesian Hospitality”. The photographers are expected to start by defining the beauty of their respective countries, in terms of culture, landscape, people, and other aspects.

The elimination round, from 27 February through 17 May 2009, when contestants were allowed to upload up to ten of their best photos to www.garudacompetition.com, brought in 12,458 photos from 6,170 participants, from Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

The international response this year has been tremendous; there are contestants from four continents. The number of contestants has also increased, from 4000 contestants from 20 countries in 2008 to 6170, from 30 countries, this year.

The participants’ enthusiasm was also felt by our server. The massive number of photos sent all at once between 10 and 15 May caused the uploading system to fail; as a result, the committee had to extend the submission period.

The photos were selected by a jury consisting of Goenadi Haryanto, Tan Lip Seng, Prijastono Purwanto, Jan Dekker, Arbain Rambey, Oscar Motulloh, Makarios Soekojo, Agus Leonardus, and Jerry Aurum. The jurors did not know the names of the contestants who submitted the photos.

On 17 June, the jury, starting with a short list comprising 454 of the 12,458 photos submitted, selected 15 photos in order to choose the 15 finalists. The jury also intended to choose four photos for Special Awards, in the Best Landscape, Best People/Culture, Indonesian Hospitality, and Garuda Indonesia Experience categories.  

In their screening for these four photos, the jury only received two suitable photos for Best Landscape and Best People/Culture. According to the jury, none of the photos received met the standards for the other two awards.

In the final round, 15 photos from 15 finalists were selected; these can be seen in Garuda Magazine and at the website, www.garudacompetition.com.
Garuda Indonesia would like to congratulate the finalists.  Good luck to all in the final stage, the photo hunt in Indonesia!